mi:time management app launch screenAfter over 150 hours of testing and 21 development versions our mi:time time management app is making it’s way to the Google Play Store.

The application, only available to service subscribers, adds another level of schedule adherence monitoring so agile workers, field staff and transportation operatives can make use of the mi:time system without having to log in through a web browser or visit a site to clock in. With 4 factor authentication, including RFID encoded ID badges, you know that the person clocking in or out is who they say they are.

staff location mapUsing geographical location services the mi:time app provides information on where an employee is within a five minute window (frequency of location recording can be increased or decreased dependant on the needs of the business). This offers excellent data for analysing efficiencies and identifying workflow constraints.

With the optional S.O.S service it also provides a level of security for agile and field workers who may need to visit unfamiliar locations. When activated the user’s line manager, or any other nominated individual(s) is emailed with the last known location of the user along with a call for help; this is then managed by our admin staff to make sure action is taken for any S.O.S call.

This latest addition to the mi:time time management program makes it a complete solution for all types of industries and workforce types. Now mi:time management can support –

  • Multi site organisations with linked static RFID clocking in machines using an Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 4G connection.
  • Agile workers who work from home or any other location with web browser clocking interfaces.
  • Field workers and transport operatives with the new mi:time app.

All options are controlled centrally from a dedicated cloud server allowing all clocking options to speak to each other and manage the movement of staff regardless of if they are on site, between sites, on the road, at home or at a client’s address.

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