We are really pleased to announce that The Edgeway Group are now an official TomTom Webfleet.connect Integration Solutions Partner.

This new partnership allows us to offer seamless integration between all of our systems and the world’s leading Satellite Navigation and Vehicle Tracking providers to enhance our end to end workflow automation and monitoring solutions.

To our clients this partnership brings an extra level of information for ‘on the road’ monitoring of workflow and allows them to fully embrace CRM with our managed messaging service to let their customers know where drivers are in relation to drop zones. For clients using our order/task processing solutions we can now provide automatic invoicing or updates triggered by delivery of goods or completion of task, yet one more function to provide excellent and efficient customer service whilst driving down inbound contact.

Our partnership with TomTom Telematics is a logical step for us and closes the last manual admin process which has always been monitoring fleet tasks. As TomTom hardware fully supports our end user consumables, such as our RFID cards, there is no additional cost for tags used for driver recognition and vehicle start when our systems are paired together.


Tony Edgcumbe

Managing Director

The Edgeway Group and mi:time Management Ltd

In addition to our partnership with TomTom we have built a strong relationship with iTracking who are suppliers of TomTom Telematic Hardware and provide the full installation and training service.

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