Our Self Serve Checkin (SSC) unit joined our mi:time product range in July 2018 and allows visitors to check in seamlessly and now comes with text notifications.

Unlike most other self serve systems the mi:time SSC learns from previous visits and knows who you are if you have visited that site, or a different site within the same company, before and will address you accordingly. When integrated with the mi:time time management program the SSC will know who the visitor has come to see and will communicate their arrival via email and SMS and will seek confirmation from the on site contact. Even if the visitor has not made an appointment our Self Serve Checkin will find the on site contact and communicate the visitor’s arrival and will provide response options to be conveyed to the visitor. All of this is done with the visitor being kept fully informed with on screen updates.

If a visitor has never been to that site or company before and has no appointment the Self Serve Checkin process takes approximately 90 seconds to complete and this includes communicating with their on site appointment. This drops to around 50 seconds on the next visit to the same site or any other site within the same company.

Our first installation of the SSC, for a client in September 2018, has already processed 9671 arrivals to site. Because of the success of this installation our client has been able to up skill the receptionist role so the time normally spent checking visitors in can be spent on other tasks; injecting extra resource into other administration areas.

I believe that the receptionist role within medium to large/enterprise organisations is critical in enhancing the client’s perception of the company and provides a stationary point of contact for queries and is often seen as the initial face of the organisation. However, the majority of visitors do not need someone to personally deal with communicating their arrival to site for an appointment and this is where our SSC steps in.


Most visitors to site have a pre-arranged appointment which has been agreed between the visitor and the on site contact so all that is required is for the on site contact to know that their appointment has arrived and that the visitor knows that their contact is aware that they have arrived. The mi:time Self Serve Checkin marshals this contact directly between the visitor and the contact in the form of email and now text messages and waits for a response from the contact so it can be conveyed to the visitor. Because the SSC creates appointments within its own structure, provisioned by being copied into emailed meeting invites, there is no additional work required for the on site contact. All they need to do is create the appointment and the SSC with then manage itself.


On average we have seen the receptionist role, purely dealing with visitors, drop from 1.25FTE to .25FTE in sites using our Self Serve Checkin system who have a senior management structure circa 5FTE. This realises as an average saving of just over £13k pa with a ROI being achieved within 13 months from the date of deployment. Most importantly we have found that companies who up skill their receptionists find greater return in admin output, employees obtain greater work satisfaction from a more varied role and organisations retain that static point of contact.


Tony Edgcumbe. Managing Director mi:time Management Ltd

To find out more about the mi:time Self Serve Checkin system or other products in the suite of bespoke intelligent business tools please contact the mi:time team HERE.

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