Some 3 years ago we removed our standalone Website Design service from our portfolio of digital solutions. Although we continued creating bespoke customer facing websites they were part of a bigger digital project driven by our cloud based business management solutions. However, in light of the recent rise in bogus web design companies, we are relaunching this service.

Since the start of 2018 I have seen a marked increase in the amount of ‘Web Design’ companies offering a bespoke website for a fixed price. These range from £500 up to £5k within the South West region alone; I have no doubt these averages increase the further up the M5 you go. To date I have yet to find any of these special offers that DO NOT use open source content management systems such as WordPress and most use just standard templates available to anyone.

Open source CMS packages are great we even use one on our own website to drive our news feed, the very page you are reading, but they are not worth £500 and certainly not £5k. Even if you had a bespoke template made for a WordPress site then you should be paying no more than £1k maximum if it’s less than 4 page templates.

Here’s the warning…

  • Domain hosting is approximately £9.99 per year and most come with MySQLi which is required for WordPress
  • WordPress is completely free and there are tens of thousands of templates out there to choose from.
  • WordPress comes with over 1500 files; 80% of which you will never need and will never be served to the browser but all cause a drain on your server and UX. The more files there are then the longer it takes to load.

If you do not want a completely unique website designed around your exact needs then just do it yourself, or a member of your team, or a family member, basically anyone who has an eye for design and who is not a complete technophobe. PLEASE do not hand over good money to someone just to change a logo on a template which anyone can do.

If you do want a completely bespoke website, fully dynamic, 100 email address, a bespoke content management system built for YOUR website and not for the other 2 million WordPress sites. And if you’d also like a CRM and bespoke analytics system built for your website then I will commit our award winning, design graduate, front end developer for 1 solid month for £2800. During this time time he will work closely with you to make sure your vision is realised and will have the support of our technical team for the really tricky bits if you need integration. OR if you want a WordPress website and don’t want to do it yourself then we will tweak a suitable template (like the hundreds of emerging self professed web design companies) for £250. You get the hosting package, we’ll help you with that, for which you’ll pay them direct at whatever rate you have opted for. Book an appointment and we will guide you to the solution that is right for you with no agenda of securing an order ourselves; if you need a templated website then that is what we’ll recommend.

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Tony Edgcumbe

Managing Director
mi:time Management Ltd
The Edgeway Group

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