We confirm Service Level Agreements with every client so we all know how quickly something needs to be done when a request is made. These SLAs have allowed us to provide excellent customer service and to manage expectations throughout.

The agreement covers

  • How quickly emails need to be answered.
  • How quickly calls are returned when your point of contact is unable to answer immediately
  • The delivery time of projects and requests.
  • Adherence to the original quote


We try to answer all calls but meetings sometimes makes this not possible. If you leave a message we will return your call on that day and, if previously agreed, outside of working hours if necessary. It’s difficult to place a timescale on returning calls as some meetings can last 3 or 4 hours but we will return your call.


We have a golden rule when it comes to emails and that is all emails need to be responded to within 2 working hours based on UK GMT. Our normal office hours are from 08:00 until 18:00 Monday – Friday. However, emails are monitored between 08:00 until 22:00 hours 7 days a week but may not be responded to until the next working day if received after 17:00 on a week day.


If you have a web enabled device and access to the internet you can use any of our specially designed tools. Our tools are designed to help you manage your business and to protect your interests.

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As a guideline The Edgeway Group always set ‘The Standard’ as a benchmark from which all agreements are confirmed. From our extensive experience we understand that managing expectations is far more important than making hollow promises and that is why we agree timescales.


We look at business as being an organic thing which can change with no notice and sometimes action needs to be taken as quickly as is possible.

If you raise a service request we will discuss with you what level of priority you think it should be given and then we will work out if it can be done in the required timescales. We don’t set the priority, you do and we manage expectations by being honest with you. To date we have retained our 100% delivery record and we aim to keep it that way.


We set a budget that is fair to both ourselves and our customers. We strive to add value for money whilst maintaining exceptionally high standards.

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All projects and requests are fully documented and the quotes we supply cover all aspects of the brief and are accompanied by a technical specification.

If there are changes to the brief then these will be chargeable but if we have inadvertently omitted a technical requirement, which is required to fulfill the original brief, then these will not be charged for.

We have never had to raise an invoice which has not been previously agreed with our client.

We believe that, like all other relationships, business relationships are built on trust, understanding and flexibility. We make every effort to understand your needs and to be as flexible as we can be to make sure we achieve what you need for your business.