Process mapping can be a lengthy and complexed task. With over 20 years experience reviewing and documenting business processes we have the knowledge to help resolve any hiccups or to plan for future change.

Our business process mapping service culminates in an online process management tool which allows you to create scenarios and see what processes, no matter where in the business they are, will be impacted by your proposed change. Most business processes have either a parent or child process relationship and these are linked in the tool as are data sources and data outputs. With these relationships accounted for you are able to use the tool for any major staffing or infrastructure transformation programmes.

The tool can also be linked to our e-learning program which ensures any change to process is covered in training modules, ideal for both new starters and incumbent members of the team.

As the processes are assigned owners a schedule can be created to make sure every process is reviewed by the owner on a predefined date or after a period has passed since the last review.


The core strength of any successful business is a sound and tested business process covering all aspects of how the business operates. Mapping the processes of a business allows for seamless change management ensuring all processes are taken into account.

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